Help Build the Largest, Most Cost-Effective Air Monitoring Network Ever!

Dear Colleague(s),

We need your help to monitor ambient air quality!

We are seeking volunteers with scientific interests and/or expertise to join a crowdsourced campaign for ambient air quality monitoring.  Our research team is planning to launch a multi-year national network for monitoring fine particulate matter (PM2.5) mass, elemental composition, and oxidative potential.  Information about our study (aims, timeline, equipment) can be found here, you can join the network below. With your help, this will be the largest, most cost-effective sampling network of its kind.

At this stage, we are seeking potential volunteers to sign a voluntary letter of interest for participation. Such participation will demonstrate, to our proposed funding agency (the US National Institutes of Health), that we can meet our goal of creating and maintaining a network of 100 sites. 

What are you signing up for?

As a volunteer participant, you would agree to:

1. Set up a small PM2.5 sampler in a secure location (either at home or work)

a. Each sample takes <10 min to initiate/take down and would last 2 weeks

b. The monitor runs on standard 115V AC power and uses <1/5th the power of a standard LED light bulb (less than $2 per year of electricity)

2. Take one measurement per month for ~ 2 years

a. You would take ~24 total samples over the duration of the project

3. Share your approximate location (~1km resolution) within the network

a. Locations will be randomly jittered on a map to protect your precise location/address

Our team would provide to you:

1. The necessary monitoring equipment, consumables, and (virtual) training

a. The monitor is smaller than a shoe box and weighs less than 2 lbs

2. Self-addressed, pre-paid shipping materials

a. The monitor collects a physical PM2.5 sample onto a filter that you will drop in the mail

3. Technical support, as needed

4. Free stuff! Likely in the form of t-shirts and personalized coffee mugs (because we all know that science runs on coffee)

5. Your data & results (anonymized, if desired) on a public-facing website

This letter serves as a formal invitation to participate in our project.  Our goal is to recruit 100 sites in major cities across the continental United States.  You can track our recruitment progress below. 


John Volckens, Colorado State University

Michelle Bell, Yale University

Francesca Dominici, Harvard University

Scott Weichenthal, McGill University

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