We can take the heat to learn what’s in the kitchen

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Hello Friends!

We are in Chennai, India. After a spicy breakfast of Dosas, we will head out into heat to collect data. Today, it’s 120 degrees Fahrenheit! If you thought to yourself, “It can’t get much hotter than that,” you’re mistaken! We are assessing the composition of smoke from biomass cookstoves, and they can pack some heat! The woman in this photograph is cooking on a traditional mud stove while we use our portable sampler to capture the emissions. A tripod supports a  stainless steel probe that extracts air from above the stove and pulls it into our instruments for analysis. The information we collect will help us understand how cookstoves affect climate and health. Occasionally, we are able to step out of the kitchen. I included a video to illustrate how we cool off between experiments.

Kelsey Bilsback

  • Date April 2016
  • Author K. Bilsback