Fire and Health

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Sorry for the radio silence, but we’ve been busy testing our Simulated Environmental Testing (SET) facility (photo to the right) occupied currently by a controlled human exposure study called SToVES*. We need it accurately and precisely holding concentration levels of smoke from cookstoves to shed light on the health effects resulting from their use. From this, I am looking at heart rate variability (HRV) as a health outcome from time spent in the SET (emulating cookstove use), being monitored by a nifty little device called a Holter. From HRV, we can get an idea as to how the nervous system of our body is responding to a stressful environment such as a smokey room due to cookstove use – we have an idea that more smoke means more stress, which over the long term can lead to serious issues of the heart! Yours truly,

  • Date December 11, 2017
  • Author T. Cole-Hunter
  • Study Details *