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2017 has been an important year in the development of international standards specifically intended for biomass cookstoves used in the developing world. ISO Technical Committee 285 is responsible for standardization in the field of cookstoves and clean cooking solutions for people who traditionally use solid fuels. Cleaner and more efficient cooking technologies and fuels can improve health, environment, and livelihood impacts, including through production and distribution of stoves and fuels. Several students and staff have been actively involved in the standards development work occurring in ISO/TC 285. As a result of these efforts, critical components of the new standards are being based on research conducted at Colorado State University. In November of 2017 international experts from around the world came together to finalize some of the last remaining topics on ISO 19867-1; the first ever international standard for the testing of biomass cookstoves. This standard is the result of 5 years of official ISO work and an additional 3 years of effort to get the technical committee formed. We anticipate the standard will become official in early 2018.

  • Date November 2017
  • Author C. L'Orange