Fire and Health

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Members of the Volckens group have been busy performing tests to make sure that the Simulated Environmental Testing (SET) facility (seen to the far right), being used currently for the controlled human exposure study called SToVES (“Subclinical Tests On Volunteers Exposed to Smoke”), is working accurately and precisely to augment evidence on the health effects as a result of using cookstoves (like that seen to the near right).

One of the health effects being looked at by the SToVES team is heart rate variability (HRV), being monitored by a nifty little device called a Holter (seen to the far right). From HRV, we can get an idea as to how the nervous system of our body is responding to a stressful environment such as a smokey room due to cookstove use – we have an idea that more smoke means more stress, which over the long term can lead to serious problems with the heart!

  • Date December 11, 2017
  • Author T. Cole-Hunter